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10 Fantastic Christmas Presents for Your Dog

As a beloved family member, your dog deserves a present this Christmas just as much as everyone else. Will you surprise your pet with a new toy, bed or clothing item under the Christmas tree? If you’re looking for dog present ideas your four-legged friend will love, use this guide for inspiration.

1.     Doggie Sweater or Coat

It’s cold out there, so help your dog stay warm and comfortable with a cosy sweater or coat that’s just their size. You’ll find it easy to track down doggie outerwear in fun prints and patterns, so don’t hesitate to stock up on designs for all the winter holidays. You can even look for matching human clothes to walk your dog in style.

2.     Pet Bed

This gift is as much for you as it is for your pet! With a soft bed to snuggle in, your dog is more likely to stay off the sofa. This means a warm sleeping area for your furry friend and less pet hair for you to clean up. Earthbound dog beds are among the best you can buy, with soft, waterproof fabric that proves durable and hardwearing, as well as comfortable and stylish.

3.     Portable Dog Water Bottle

Is your pet’s favourite activity to go on walks? If you have ever had to cut a summertime outing short because of hot weather, this dog present is the perfect solution. It includes a water bottle connected to a drinking cup, so you can quickly pour your pup a drink without lugging around a full-size water bowl.

4.     Dog Puzzle Game

If your dog is prone to boredom and the destructive behaviour that comes with it, a puzzle game is the perfect Christmas present to give your dog this year. You’ll find puzzle games in many varieties, but the goal is usually the same—to engage your dog in mental exercise and make them eat slower.

5.     Interactive Dog Toy

If your dog doesn’t already have a Kong dog toy, remedy that this Christmas. The Kong Classic is the gold standard of interactive dog toys. The durable rubber construction feels great on your dog’s teeth, and the erratic bounce fulfils the need to play. To extend playtime, be sure to stuff the Kong with tempting bits of kibble or a dash of peanut butter.

6.     Nylabones for Teething Puppies

Human babies aren’t the only ones who need help when teething. If you adopt a puppy for Christmas, be sure to put a few teething Nylabones in their stocking. Designed specifically for sensitive puppy mouths, these chew toys help promote positive chewing habits whilst stimulating your puppy’s gums as they gnaw away.

7.     Doggie Dental Sticks

A shocking number of dogs have gum disease, which can lead to other health problems, discomfort and even a shorter lifespan. Keep your pup happy and their gums healthy with dental dog toys. The Kong Dental Stick is one option. It has a fun design that’s great for chewing and playing fetch alike. These Kong dog toys are made of ridged rubber to support the natural instinct to chew. You can also fill the hollow toy with dog treats for added enrichment.

8.     Rope Fetch

Is your dog obsessed with playing fetch? Transform the game into something new and fresh with the Chuckit! Rope Fetch dog toy. It’s everything your active dog needs! Kick it, throw it or tug it with a built-in rope and easy-grip indentations that make it easy for your dog to catch, chew on and play with the ball.

9.     Christmas Dinner Wet Food Pouches

You may be tempted to share your Christmas dinner with your pet, but some human food is unhealthy or even hazardous for dogs. A safer alternative is to offer pet-friendly Christmas dinner pouches made with turkey, cranberries and parsnips. Your dog will love getting a special treat without being exposed to potentially harmful substances in human food.

10.   Pet Fountain

Animals are instinctively drawn to drink running water because it tastes fresher than standing water. That’s why a pet fountain Christmas present is the perfect way to help your pet stay hydrated. You can find models in various styles and sizes to suit large and small dogs alike. Cats also love drinking the continuous flow of water from a fountain.

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