Canagan Free Range Chicken Cat Food

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Canagan Free Range Chicken is a special grain free cat food formulated by experts to deliver nutrition, close to their ancestral diet, with the correct ratio of protein to carbohydrate and a host of vegetables and botanicals.

This carefully balanced, nutrient dense formula will excite your cat's taste buds and give them the abundance of highly digestible protein demanded by their evolutionary needs.

Frequently asked questions about chicken cat food

Is chicken cat food good for cats?

Yes, cats can eat a wide variety of meats, including free range chicken. It is important that you don't feed your cats raw or spoiled meats as that is bad for them.

Can I feed my cat chicken everyday?

Like humans, a balanced diet is important for cats too. So whilst they can eat chicken cat food everyday, try and limit portions sizes and numbers.

Is fresh cooked chicken good for cats?

Fresh cooked chicken is good for cats as it helps give them protein which they use to improve their heart, vision and reproductive system. Canagan chicken cat food is a great choice for those wanting a convenient and affordable solution to feeding your cats.

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