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Exo Terra Natural Low Terrarium Medium 60x45x30cm

Exo Terra Natural Low Terrarium Medium 60x45x30cm

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Product Information

Product Information:

- A natural look background to make is easy to create a perfect environment.

- The perfectly designed mesh screen top on the Exo Terra's allow UVB penitration whilst allowing excellent ventilation.

- The screen is removable allowing easy access for maintenace and cleaning.

-The back of the screen also has 5 fully closable wire inlets to allow effortless access for Exo Terra Digital Termometers and Hygrometers, even Exo Terra Heat Rocks and Waterfalls, the possiblities are endless.

- Other featurs include high set lockable doors for extra room for deep substrate or water if your keeping amphibians and allow room for products such as Exo Terra's Reptile Dens.

-The double doors open idepentently and allow easy access.

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