Harrisons Energy Boost Fat Balls 50 Tub (No Nets) 85g

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These balls have been specifically developed to provide birds with extra energy. Made from high energy nutritious fat, seeds and oils. Superb value 'no nets' fat balls in a handy resealable tub. 

Suitable for feeding from:

  • Feeders
  • Tables
  • Ground

 Fat Balls are important all year round for wild birds particularly; 

- During the cooler winter months when birds need to maintain their fat levels. 

- The breeding season when birds are busy building nests and raising young. 

- The moulting season and pre-migration. 

Walter Harrisons have been creating the highest quality feeds in our Nottinghamshire mill for over 100 years. We source, clean and blend the finest ingredients to create a range of wild bird food we're proud to put our name to.

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